About me

I’m Michael Koch – which makes perfect sense when you check the name of the site and the headline and think about it a little. Over the past eight years I’ve taught and thought about media, culture and society, as a DSC_0026afull-time faculty member at a couple different colleges.

You can read a little more about that part of my life here.

I’m now diversifying my portfolio, so to speak; looking for freelance writing and editing gigs. Will research for money. I’ve begun an MSW recently, with the aim of getting my LCSW in the next couple years. Life is interesting. Life is busy.


                                                    As a young man… 

I was born and raised in beautiful southern Connecticut, but meboy2I’ve been living in other places for a some time. I dashed off to Europe at 18, because well, why wouldn’t I? and graduated from Richmond American International University in London with my BA in English in 1999.

After a couple peripatetic years, I got my MA in Media Studies from Ohio University in 2004.   I spent another four years in those southwestern Ohio hills working on my doctorate. The ABD years took me to Baltimore, then New York.  My dissertation turned into something on NYC’s ill-fated bid for the  2012 Summer Olympics, and reflects most of my then-biggest interests: sports, culture, media and global business; the reconfiguration of urban space; the history and future of cities (especially NYC) and the history of ideas.

I live in New York currently. Not the city, not upstate, but the part that people can’t settle on a directional name for.

I’m a lifelong New Jersey Devils fan, a vegetarian, a right-footed midfielder who plays on the left.  An avid cyclist, a moderate tree-hugger, a suburban-born urbanist, a Slavo-Baltic-descended fatalist, a fan of melody, harmony and sincerity, of Britpop, Swepop and roots rock.  An oldest son, people-observer, word-lover, over-user of semi-colons and dashes – and life-recorder. Vaguely, self-consciously and self-indulgently ridiculous – in the right ways, for the most part.