About my current work, research interests, publication and presentation info (updated 7/4/2016):

Between August 2009 and May 2016 I was a faculty member in the Department of Communication at Marist College, where I taught media and society, communication research methods, and senior capstone courses; I also developed and taught a special topics courses on the Olympics, mega-events and media.

My general scholarly interests go something like this: the history of communications; media, culture and society; and the study of media, globalization and popular culture – not least the cultural and economic impacts of sports in an age of globalization.

I also look at the relationships between communications and place – some have called the field Urban Communications.  Cities (and suburbs, and small towns too) fascinate me on many levels – their histories and cultures, their politics and economics, the way they are built up physically and mythologically. I’m into asking questions like “how does the media help create and transform the images of cities and other places?” and conversely, “how do places – new transform and open up ways of communicating, via old and new means?  How do places affect the ways we devise and use media technologies?”

Along those lines, my dissertation (completed in summer 2012) is entitled “Event, Image, History and Place: How the NYC2012 Olympic Bid Constructed New York City.”  I’ll have some bits and pieces from that up here soon.

I’ve also got a deep, sustained interest in psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic theory, from Freud through to present-day theorists and analysts. This is one of my primary pursuits nowadays.

You can find my CV here and my statement of teaching philosophy here.