Courses I’ve Developed

Beyond the standard courses which I’ve adapted and taught throughout my career, here are some courses which I’ve created from the ground up, revised substantially, or built in collaboration with colleagues. Syllabi available via the links.

Race Ethnicity and Media (Montclair State University)

“How has – and how does – media explain the world to us through the lens of race and ethnic origins? How does that impact us as individuals, in groups, and in society as a whole? How have media images of certain groups and people been limiting and even dehumanizing at many points in time, and at other times, have been illuminating, defiant or liberating? Though the focus is on the connections between media, race and ethnicity, we will bring other factors into the equation – such as gender and sexuality, political power and interests, and economic class.”


First Year Seminar: Adaptations – From the Page to the Screen  (Ramapo College of New Jersey)

“What kinds of movies can be made from writing other than fiction? Can a movie be made from a poem or nonfiction? What would such movies look like?

When we say one thing or the other – the book or the movie – is “better,” what do we mean? What kind of critical standards are at work?”


Studies in Arts and Humanities: Dreams and Dreaming Across Cultures (Ramapo College of New Jersey)

“This is the course of your dreams.

It is also the course of my dreams, and of your friends’ and families’ dreams, and of strangers’ dreams, and of society’s dreams – and how they are all connected to culture and art. Dreaming is a universal human activity; virtually all cultures throughout human history have reported the act of dreaming, attempted to represent their dreams in art, and tried to interpret the meanings of dreams. In this course, we will explore prose, poetry, art, film, music and other works that relate to dreams, dreaming and what might be called dream-knowledge – the insights that we draw out of our dreams.”

Media and Sporting Mega-Events (Marist College):

“The term “mega-event” describes dramatic, large-scale cultural events ranging from the Great Expositions and World’s Fairs of the past to modern-day global sports competitions…This course will examine the history of mega-events, their economic, political, social, and cultural effects, and their future.”