Past blogs

The Parallel Campaign (2004-2009)   The catch-all of my mid-late 20s.  Music, literary quotes, reminiscence and ephemera.  This was my Twitter before Twitter, only more verbose, and Twitter lacks such good Musil allusions.

  • Bullock and Stilgoe – “‘Imminent landscape and cultural change.’ That’s increasingly the stuff of my academic and personal interests..”

The Metrologist, (2006-2007) My abortive, acidic blog centering on the Metros and NY area pro soccer, when there the Metros and NY area pro soccer still existed as such.

  • A Mathis Fan’s Notes – “…there’s no individual in any sport who I’ve taken on as my hero, my idol, who meant more to me than a team, much less a sport. Maybe when I was young there was a little bit of that, as kids do. But as an adult, I think it’s a little weird to relate to a potential peer that way, much less someone ten years younger than you. That said, I have felt a deep and somewhat personal affinity for Clint Mathis.”
  • Marking One Year of Being a Joke – “Winning, in fact, isn’t everything and isn’t worth getting into bed with anyone for – the thought that some fans think an MLS championship – MLS, for chrissakes! – is so important that it justifies hocking the whole shebang of your team’s identity is just amazing to me.”

The Total Perverts (2007 – ????)  “Conversations between Heartland and Rimland.”  Speculation on and about our idiosyncratic margins.  A co-production/open correspondence of ideas between me and Mr. Z.  You’re meant to pronounce the title as if it were an accusation, not a description.

  • Colin Wilson, the Robot, and Peak Experiences – “The part about “modifying the robot” points at nothing less than psychological evolution, which is in fact an assumption that Wilson (and Maslow) would make – that the human psyche is capable of evolving and improving through time, learning and effort. That we have not even come close to maximizing its potential. The whole point of this psychological outlook, and of this “existentialism” is that there is a way to do so; as Wilson quotes Huxley on Freud, it’s something to the extent of, if the psyche has a basement, must it not also have an attic?”

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